Jan 25
Furniture Donation to Holos Communities
Learn about our donation of sustainable furniture to local a...
Holos and Fernish
Jan 6
Conscious Luxury with Sruthi Jayadevan
We chatted with Sruthi Jayadevan about conscious luxury and ...
Sruthi Jayadevan
Dec 23
What a Trip: Our 2022 Journey
At Fernish, we are all about saving— saving the planet, savi...
Fernish 2022 Year in Review
Dec 16
Highboy LA Mixes Vintage Furniture with Fern...
Katie and Cody are the über-creative couple behind Highboy L...
Oct 17
Sustainable Dining Hacks
Dining more sustainably doesn't have to be daunting or overw...
Sustainable Dining
Sep 9
Study & Productivity Hacks
Hunkering down and getting back to business can feel like a ...
Sep 6
Read This With That
Best-selling books deserve to be read on best-selling chairs...
Reading Chair
Aug 17
We Accept This Rose: Bachelorette Alum Picks...
We had the pleasure of chatting with Bachelorette star and M...
Aug 1
The Most Underrated Piece of Furniture
Benches don’t get enough love. There-- we said it. The unsun...
Jul 7
Seattle Gems with Local Rachel Waldorf
Friend of Fernish, Rachel Waldorf, is a lifestyle and entert...
Rachel Waldorf Seattle
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